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Thoughts on Software Quality

I spend a lot of time at Dynamic Global focused on software quality. ¬†Specifically, this means smooth functionality, fast page loads, and pixel-perfect design. But today I stopped for a moment and wondered: When I’m racing around the web, consuming

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Expando properties!

It’s such a cool name… I had to look it up. Apparently since the early days of IE, there were are sorts of issues with attaching arbitrary attributes (of your¬†own) to DOM elements. Well, not unless you use…Expando….ACTIVATE! Zap! Expando

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Get off my lawn! (.com)

These guys employed some good CSS for the new “Geezer” website. “And yes, it’s a bunch of guys that dress up as old men, pass out Werther’s Originals candies, and rock the mike while playing covers and mash ups of

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Chrome too slow?

Hard to believe it, given the resounding success of Google so far, but my Chrome browser on Windows is giving me trouble. Hangs up forever finding local DNS. I’m using a HOST file entry, which is I’m sure part of

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