Website Design and Construction

Dynamic Global consultants can be made available to do contract website design and/or construction.

That means we will implement your already-designed concepts, or we will provide designer resources as well – it’s your choice.

The Customer is Numero Uno

As professionals, we will consult with you on the best practices in various areas:

Design Construction Scalability
Testing Deployment more…

However, we believe in a client-driven approach, by which all decisions are tied to client business executions. Therefore we will only actually work on what you request us to work.

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Our Standards

  • Well-formed and well-documented code
  • Responsive CSS
  • HTML5, CSS3 – all the new technologies, but only when appropriate

Our Quality

  • Test-driven development
  • Well-formed documents

Our Performance

  • Scalability
  • Distributed content

Our Innovation

  • Multiple device rendering
  • Cutting-edge technologies, applied

Presentations and Demonstrations

We can be hired to do presentations

We adhere to the “keep it simple” approach. That means we prefer to outline the innermost core principles of an idea, demonstrate it with live demonstrations (while the idea is fresh in mind), and then summarize it up for a meaningful take-away.

Suggested topics

  • Effective responsive website design and construction
  • Current search engine optimization (SEO) concepts
  • The future of corportate software
  • Static website hosting
  • Request your own topic

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General Consulting

Our brains, your tasks

At times, our members can be contracted for weekly or monthly contract work.

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We’re fun to work with – no, really!
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